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Since retiring from a teaching career of over 30 years, I now enjoy spending my time creating art and writing.

I occasionally write for the Milton Villager Magazine.

My children’s stories and poetry books include my illustrations that show my vivid imagination and love for swirling, organic designs.

I have been exploring art all of my life and my studies include:
•    fine art and puppetry at Westhill College in Birmingham, UK
•    life drawing and portraits at Sheridan College in Oakville
•    life drawing and fine art at OCAD, Toronto
•    printmaking at Wilfred Laurier University , Waterloo
•    painting and printmaking at Dundas Valley School of Art

Today I paint mostly in acrylics and mixed media but I also explore other media types including: pencil, ink, pastel, watercolour, fabric, paper, collage, dolls & puppets and illustration.

I love to paint portraits of people and animals. I am fascinated by the texture and movement of the natural world and try to depict these in my artwork.


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