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FASM Gallery Membership

The FASM Gallery is an E-commerce website maintained by FASM, which provides Artists with a platform from which to sell their work to the general public.   


The benefits include:

  • Getting your artwork online quickly without the hassle of maintaining a website

  • Enhance your Google rankings by having your art appear on numerous sites (your website + social media + FASM Gallery)

  • Take advantage of being part of a larger group of artists and get found by more customers

Gallery will be advertised on:

  • FASM social media (Facebook, Instagram)

  • Participating artists on their social media channels/websites

  • Local social media channels


What are the next steps?

  • Review the contract terms and submit membership fees below

  • Go to website:

  • Select Log In link (at the top right hand side of the website)

  • Create an account

  • Go to My Account – fill in your information

  • Go to Profile/Gallery Upload Instructions button

  • Download the word document which explains how to submit your profile + artwork you wish to sell in the Gallery

Please note that the following terms are applicable upon payment of Membership Fee

The Artist must be a FASM Member in good standing.

The Artist grants the FASM Gallery the opportunity to represent him or her, to exhibit and sell the Artist's works, as well as the non-exclusive right to promote the Artist, according to the term and conditions stipulated hereby.

The Artist uploads to the FASM Gallery the Artworks mentioned, for the purpose of exhibition and sale.  Artwork can be uploaded at any time; however, it will not be activated as available for sale until the start of each month.    If the artwork is sold outside of the FASM Gallery, the Artist must advise the administrator immediately via email at .    The FASM Gallery will do their best to remove the Artwork from the FASM Gallery site as quickly as possible, however, should a customer purchase the artwork from the site prior to its removal, it is solely the responsibility of the Artist to communicate with the customer and resolve the matter.

The Artist may or may not collect and remit taxes.    All pricing must include tax if applicable, and it is the responsibility of the artist to remit as appropriate.   

Shipment arrangements of art pieces will be strictly between Artist and Customer.  FASM Gallery takes no responsibility for collecting delivery fees or arranging pickup.  

The present contract also grants that Gallery the non-exclusive right to promote the Artists artworks on the internet for the purpose of the sales. 


For the duration of the contract, consideration for all administration costs incurred by the FASM Gallery, for all Artwork sold through the site, there is a fee of 5% of each artworks retail price. 

For the term of twelve (12) months from July 1st to June 30th, the FASM Gallery shall grant to the Artist the right to upload a maximum of 10 artworks, for the set price of $50.    The price is non-negotiable; however, pro-rated amounts are available for those whom wish to become members outside of the annual renewal on July 1st.


Artwork may be uploaded to the FASM Gallery; however, full payment is required prior to the activation of the artwork for sale to the customer.    Failure of payment within 10 days of FASM Gallery account approval assumes the contract to be void.   


In the event of the sale of artwork, the FASM Gallery must notify the Artist within one (1) day of the completed transaction.     All FASM Gallery sales are in Canadian dollars.    Customer contact information will be provided by the FASM Gallery, and it is the responsibility of the Artist to arrange for shipping/pick up with the customer.  

The Artist shall receive payment from the FASM Gallery for the sale of the artworks within thirty (30) business days of transaction completion, via Etransfer, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Supported browsers for desktop devices

Supported browsers for mobile devices

Supported browsers on iPads and tablets:

  • Google Chrome 

  • Safari 

Supported operating systems on iPads and tablets:

  • iPads: iOS 12 and above

  • Android: 9.0 and above

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