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Painting is my attempt to express the joy I find in Nature. Be it a landscape that I find particularly moving or animals that capture my heart… it is all intrinsically beautiful. My goal is to reveal the spirit of Nature so that all may enjoy. 

In addition to realistic portrayals, I also produce abstract and semi-abstract paintings that also relate to Nature. I am open to experimenting with multiple mediums which is a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing!

My preferred painting mediums are watercolour, coloured pencil and PanPastel® - watercolour for its unpredictable nature that makes it an exciting and expressive medium, and coloured pencil and PanPastel® for their versatility and ease of application. I also do Collages using hand-painted papers.

I regularly exhibit my work in Oakville and Milton and have taught in the recent past at both the Oakville Art Society and the Fine Arts Society of Milton.

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