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Brenda LaRose

As a child I was drawn to art, more so than sports. As a young adult, I got the chance to learn to paint and I was hooked. Since then, I have co-owned an art studio and taught hundreds to paint and draw.

Landscapes have always been my love. 

Now, I paint for me, and my clients. I am drawn to the rugged northern landscape, especially in the early morning. The light is magnificent, and the peace and tranquility of that time of day is mesmerizing to me. I strive to create a painting that reflects the essence of that moment in time - the peace, the serenity, the stillness.

I mostly paint with acrylics on canvas, and sometimes oils. I love the natural colours of the environment, but also enjoy adding brighter colours to bring a fun, spontaneous atmosphere to a painting.

I love the challenge of evoking the soothing, restful calm that I feel when I am out in my kayak in the early morning hours.

I live in Acton, Ontario with my husband and 2 fur babies.  We have 2 grown children.

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